Creating and designing from a very early age I took knitting needles and remember pretending to knit, beside my mother.  I have and continue to work in a variety of mediums. Most of my most expensive items are one of a kind. For me pottery is a recent passion.

The idea of having a studio in my house means I can create any time of day. Sometimes crawling out of bed at 2 a.m. with a brainstorm, or never going to bed!

I am a firm believer, if everyone had a passion and enjoyed their craft there would be no war. My only regret is not being introduced to clay earlier in life.  I enjoy creating my art... Usually each item is "so itself" and whimsical it is an individually crafted work of art.

If the item you like in my gallery is represented as an animal, the only thing I ask, is that you really love it.

As I get older I have to turn down ideas running through my brain, so the ones that do get created I feel are special. Thanks for looking, and most importantly enjoy the eye candy in this gallery and all the others.

Telephone # 973 563 0354