I began my journey in ceramics 30 years ago after watching someone make a beautiful bowl from a lump of clay.  At the time, I was a nursing student and had wandered into a pottery studio, and the good folks there indulged me in an impromptu lesson.  I felt a strong connection immediately and decided that when my nursing studies were complete, I would learn ceramics. After graduation, I returned to college at night and majored in studio art and art education. I have been making functional and decorative pieces professionally for the past fifteen years, selling at craft shows and retail. Three years ago, I moved to White Meadow Lake in Rockaway where I have a studio and gallery.

I enjoy taking workshops to explore new techniques and broaden my knowledge. Some of the artists I have studied with include Bennet Bean, Peter Callas, Angela Fina, Joyce Michaud, Denis Lucil and Ryan Greenheck.

While my beginning in clay was at the wheel, over the years I also began hand building. I particularly like using texture in the form of items from nature as well as fabrics in my pieces. Experimenting with glazes also brings excitement to the process.

I love knowing that my pottery is being used and enjoyed in someone’s home.

I also have a teaching studio, and enjoy sharing my passion for clay with others.