I have always been involved with making art, playing with clay and riding horse . I’m very fortunate and blessed in that I have had the resources and the opportunity to pursue my passions in life. Working in my  studio, visiting galleries and museums and  riding horses in the woodlands of New Jersey have filled  my life with joy and a sense of purpose and achievement.

I make pottery because I love working with clay and have found it to be the most expressive of mediums for me. I continue this close involvement with my work on a daily basis as I guide my hands, my eyes and the clay into the forms that I envision.

I especially enjoy the raku  technique of firing my pieces because it gives  me an exciting and spontaneous process in which to express and satisfy my artistic endeavors.  The smoke, the fire, the constant motion and actions required to complete the process from the initial loading of the kiln to the  placement of the pieces into the post-firing reduction  pit is exhilarating and enchanting. I’m completely fatigued yet totally fulfilled after a day of firing.

I use horses as a motif because I have always had a kinship and emotional attachment to these exciting  creatures ever since I was a child.  I ride a  horse named Bruno, as often as possible and even though he is tame and  well trained there is a part of him that will always remain wild, unpredictable and free. It is this elusive spirit and power that I attempt to capture in my work as I shape the basic contour of the vessel on the pottery wheel and continue to develop the form through a more sculptural manipulation of the clay, glazes and the raku firing process.

Lucille Scurti
201 674 5874
Rutherford , New Jersey