I am a visually oriented person so I’ve always been intrigued by art. In an art criticism class at Bennington College, I became troubled by the high level of education required to participate in the contemporary art world. Such a convoluted intellectual approach excludes the vast majority of humans.


Clay, for me, opened the way to a much more down-to-earth approach: My pieces are intimate, on a human scale, decorative, whimsical, provoke thought, and invite touch.


Inspiration-wise: I love archeology and am jazzed by ancient figurines, vessels and funeral statuary. I really like the Moravian Tile Works, the deep New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania history in decorative ceramic arts, and had 20 years of walking around New York City which gave me lots of time to stop and appreciate the commercial tile work on many building facades and in the subways.


Over many years I have worked with wonderful teachers. Stanley Rosen, Jane Aebersold, Sidney Tillim, Carol Chesek, and Tom Neuberger particularly influenced my sense of how to use clay. I have studied at Bennington College, Greenwich House Pottery, and the Summit Visual Arts Center.


Contact: SecondRiverArts@icloud.com