Clay speaks to me.

Moist and responding to my touch, it guides my hands, allowing forms to take shape. The process is exhilarating yet soothing.

Geology, time, and the elements inform my work.  In my hands I create a landscape: molding, shaping, texturing, building up, tearing down.  My worlds can be flowing and smooth, peaceful, or gritty, fissured, split, caverned and harsh.  They can soar upwards, break apart abruptly or flow quietly into crystalline pools. A metaphor for life in the 21st Century. Clay speaks for me.

My varied careers as an art teacher, graphic artist, communications director, and puppeteer have provided me with a wide variety of experience which all contribute to the creative process.

Teaching adult hand-building classes in my studio is what I like to do best…a community of wonderful women gather weekly to create, to talk, to share stories and experiences, to relax and decompress—and all around clay.

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