I take pleasure in pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing diverse clay bodies, making use of various glazes and firing techniques to get unexpected forms and surfaces. Organic shapes and colors inform my pottery and ceramic sculptures. The diversity of nature fascinates me, and I strive to mirror that variety in my work. Being attentive to form, space and color strengthens my rapport with the world around me. Bringing curiosity and careful observation to my surroundings helps me to find a serene oasis in my daily existence.

I have shown my work in exhibitions and galleries across the United States, as well as solo exhibits at the Elevator Gallery, CAS, Livingston NY and in Hewlett, NY.  I was a featured artist in Artsy Shark.  (http://bit.ly/ArtMeaning)  My pieces were shown in exhibitions at the Islip Museum, the Heckscher Museum and The Art League of Long Island. My work has received awards in the exhibitions 57th LI Artists, Landscapes: from Metropolis to Acadia, ACNY and Time for Tea. 

I grew up on Long Island, NY.  I attended the State University College at Buffalo and Hofstra University where I received a BA in Humanities with a concentration in Fine Arts. I also studied architectural ceramics with Nancy Selvage at Harvard University. I attended Columbia University and graduated with an MA in Art and Art Education. I have studied with and was influenced by many well-known ceramic artists and potters including Judy Motzkin, Makoto Yabe, John Glick, Ellen Shankin and Cynthia Bringle. I taught Studio Art at the SKA High School.

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