I am continually amazed at the elegance and simplicity of designs found in nature, and I am moved to try to translate these into art.  I especially love to explore areas where we cannot see without help – under a microscope, in the ocean, or places in our everyday world where we have to stop and look to really see.  I love to feel like I am peeking into these worlds, and revealing something to the viewer.

I am equally passionate about things that bring joy - a happy face, a whimsical drawing, a picture or sculpture that elicits a feeling of delight or evokes a fond memory.  These, too, reveal something to the viewer, shifting their emotions to amusement, enchantment, or maybe bliss.

My creative expressions in the past included drawing, painting, quilting and photography.   A course in tile making was the turning point in my career as an artist.  I was immediately hooked, and have continued to focus on tile making from that point forward.

Tiles provide beauty and function.  In clay I can translate the images that I have captured – on film, under a microscope, in a drawing – into art.  Sometimes these images are true to form; other times they are full of whimsy and fun.  My goal is to convey the beauty of nature in my designs, or just make you smile.