Contact Information:

28 Carmello Dr
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732 572 7459
Cell:      732 735 8718
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My Profile:
I have been attracted to the visual arts and have enjoyed working with my hands from an early age. I went to college to study Biology but graduated with a degree in History. These background elements seem to fit together in my love for pottery. My exposure to the craft of making pottery began in the local adult evening school where I took the pottery class several times. I have gone on to attend many workshops over the years and my work continues  to evolve   through  much learning  by doing.  My work is done in my home studio and is finished in both an electric and a wood- fired kiln, the latter of which I built in 2014.

Artist Statement:
My work reflects my varied interests in Art, History, Archaeology, and the natural world. Designs are most typically uncomplicated and straightforward and earth tones are my preferred colors for finishing the work. I occasionally do a mildly abstract piece or a piece of small sculpture.