Jennifer Evans Arbo is a Visual Artist residing in New Jersey. Originally from California, she traveled the world, living in England, Spain and Uruguay before landing on the East Coast. She has a BA and Post graduate degree from Fashion Universities in London. Which eventually led her to NY to work in one of the most well know Leather Fashion companies in the US.

Whilst living in London and Montevideo, Jennifer had her own clothing line and an exciting venture in Polaroid and Analog Photography. She exhibited and sold her photography worldwide, whilst keeping her sculptural art as a passion project.

For the last 5 years she has lived in New Jersey with her husband and left the fashion industry in 2020. Deciding to pursue her Ceramic arts and Photography as a full time career.

She continues to create new pieces daily, always conscious of what she wants to put out in the world. Jennifer has been a longtime advocate for mental health and suicide awareness which she does see come out in her work as an artist. Her ceramic arts have followed different paths but all come from the same artistic mind. Collections ceramics are functional, beautiful pieces of pottery that she sells through her online shop. Wood Fired pottery is her passion project that she is able to do twice a year. Sculptural Ceramics are pieces that tell a story, evoke emotion and are shown in galleries and exhibitions.

Jennifer Evans Arbo

Green Brook, NJ (under construction, making updates but will be live again soon)  (online shop) (Instagram)