A web designer and computer tutor by trade, Kathleen needed to find an outlet to unwind from the hours of intense computer work.  She took a pottery class over 25 years ago with her daughter and fell in love with all aspects of the craft.

She continues to study her skills by attending various workshops NJ Potters Guild has to offer and experimenting with new ideas. Kathleen's current interests include making her own glazes and creating new pieces inspired by nature and that are spiritual in design.  She works on her pottery in her own studio, "Pequest Pottery".

She lives along the Pequest River (an area once inhabited by the Turtle Clan of the Lenape Indians) in a small town called Vienna, located in picturesque Warren County NJ.  She shares her life with her husband Richard and her Golden Retriever Oriana.

Artist's Message:
I like using spirals in my work, whether it is a medallion on the front of a vase or an imprint on a handle. In symbolism a spiral can be interpreted as a journey and my journey in pottery is to learn, create and to give as well as receive pleasure from my handcrafted work.

Wheel and hand building classes for both Adult and children, private or small groups.





Kathleen Nolan
PO Box 7 Vienna, NJ 07880
Cell - 908-868-6167