I consider myself an amateur artist.  My profession is nursing.  I received my BSN in 1979 and had never been into the arts.  In 2006, looking for a hobby, I took a class in wheel throwing at the Visual Arts Center of NJ.  Since that first class, I have never stopped.  What I thought would be a hobby became a passion.  I work in both wheel throwing and hand building and love doing both.  I have moved on to classes at different studios, do work out of my home and have participated in many workshops.

My pieces vary from being functional to only decorative as I like to do different types of firing.  This includes gas and electric kilns; salt, wood, barrel, saggar and Raku firings.  I love experiencing them all since it is such a fun process.  In addition to loving the art form, I love the people who I have met through working in clay.  They are very special and talented people who have totally enriched my life.  It is my hope that people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.