I started working with clay as a hobby 19 years ago, when my kids started school and I had a bit of free time. Over the years, I have gradually become more interested in my creative process as a hand builder and focused on non-functional forms, often integrated with other materials such as beads and feathers. Much of my work in the last four years has been inspired by textile handicrafts such as quilts, lace, block printing, and embroidery. I have explored the contradiction of using clay to reimagine quilts and textile patterns and stitching tiles together with thread or ribbon. I enjoy using lace, doilies, and stamps and multilayered glaze patterns to create and highlight textures traditionally found in women’s handicrafts, giving “old fashioned” materials a new life and look.  Some of my other work has been similarly inspired by the form and colors of wooden blocks used in India to create block printed textiles. It’s been an exciting process and I love every minute in the studio and at home working to finish a piece.

My Instagram is @Lolowheeler

My Facebook page is LoLo’s pottery