I love clay.  It is so responsive and is such a clever substance.  It can be formed into any shape I desire and then with a bit of coaxing it turns into a bowl, pitcher or teapot.  I am partial to teapots and pitchers.  The forms just appeal to me.  I love making each element and then assembling them.  They seem to have a life of their own.

I am still find my way with clay; but the journey is the thing.  Just to place a lump of clay on the wheel, watching it spin, & with some pressure it forms a rounded form and more pressure and pulling its a bowl, cup platter or goblet.   The process  becomes all consuming, my mind empties of everything else and there is just the wheel, the clay and me.

I now have my own wheel and kiln and a small studio.  It's fun and satisfying.  It's part of living I. I can't imagine not doing it.  Clay keep me center and makes me a more contented person.