A Montclair resident, Michelle Kurlan Schneider has been working from her studio based at Manufacturers Village after working in New York City for 20 years.  After receiving her undergraduate degree in painting from the University of Maryland, Michelle received her Master of Arts in painting from New York University.  The studio-based program was located in Venice, where she studied for two Summers.  Since her graduation, she has received numerous studio residencies through Chashama.  Michelle also spent a Summer in Barcelona painting with the School of Visual Arts after which she was honored to participate in the retrospective art show.

Michelle is an art educator and has worked closely with many different well-known organizations, including the National Art Education Association and DIA Center for the Arts.  She was a cooperating educator in a partnership between Chelsea Prep and the Whitney Museum of Art, where she planned, developed and implemented workshops for educators, students and families at the Museum.  After teaching art to children for 17 years, Michelle now mentors student art teachers at Montclair State University.  In addition, Michelle has contributed artwork to numerous benefits, including Visual AIDS and the Alzheimer’s Association.

After many years of working primarily in art education, Michelle has returned to her roots in creating as a main focus.  Michelle is an artist who rotates her mediums between watercolor, acrylic, mixed mediums and clay.  As a lifelong learner, Michelle constantly develops, refines and expands her craft.  Working with ceramics in the last few years, she has found a new way to channel her fascination with organic forms into sculptural and functional pieces.


Website: www.michellekurlan.com

Instagram: @aquaticbrushstroke

Contact: michkurl13@gmail.com