I started working with clay over 35 years ago because my dearest friend Adrienne was determined to be a potter, and I went along for the ride - little did I know it would become my passion.  The Clay Cellar emerged from Adrienne's cellar into a store front pottery in Montclair's South End Business District, and was a studio/shop/school there for 16 years.  Adrienne and I taught at the Montclair Adult School for many years, and were also co-founders of Doubletree Gallery of Fine Art and Contemporary Crafts, so we were always challenged to produce high quality work that still fit our goal of creating "unique, functional, affordable pieces.  After Adrienne went on to pursue a different career, I continued, closed the storefront, got a studio at Riker Hill Art Park in Livingston, where I taught classes as well as at the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts in Summit.


I have studied with Byron Temple, Jim Makins, Malcolm Davis and Tony Clennell at Peters Valley Craft Center in Layton, NJ, and Parsons School of Design in New York City, and with Raku artist Tom Neugebauer. Now, I continue to teach at my Riker Hill studio as well as at the new ceramic studio at the Montclair Art Museum. I am a member of the Potters Guild of New Jersey and Secretary/Treasurer of the Riker Hill Artists Association, Inc. My work is included in 500 Raku and Color: How to Use It by Marci Cooperman.


Carla Horowitz

The Clay Cellar
Riker Hill Art Park
284 Beaufort Avenue
Livingston, NJ 07039