Working with clay since 1985, a Potters Guild member since its inception in 1987, I can still be found most weekdays making, glazing and firing new pottery in my home studio. I wear many hats in my working life, as potter, designer, salesman, blogger, pottery photographer, website manager and gallery owner. I also teach adults and occasionally facilitate “pottery date nights” in the studio; sell at small holiday fairs; and manage my website and web sales. I feel blessed to juggle it all!

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And of course, come visit The Gallery Downstairs, Monday through Friday. It’s a beautiful, well-lit and appointed space next to my studio, in my home at 196 Windsor Way. There I display and sell lively pottery for home and garden, and great pottery for engagement, wedding, and host gifts, all made with care in my studio and guaranteed food safe. Call first! I’ll be happy to see you.

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Mimi Stadler
196 Windsor Way
Hillside, NJ 07205
P: 732-492-8558*
*Call for information about visiting, pottery lessons and pottery date evenings! (Please text or leave a message if I do not answer immediately. Reception is spotty in my studio.)