I am a studio potter and a jewelry designer. I work with porcelain, raku clay and high fire clays. I like to divide my time between the pottery wheel and hand building and fire my artwork in electric and gas kilns. Looking to expand my knowledge and skills in ceramics, l recently completed a three-month-long residency at the Cobb Mountain Art & Ecology Art Center in northern California. During this residency I participated in atmospheric firings, Anagama, and (fueled wood and gas) soda firings. My goal is to continue growing and learning as I have been since my journey in art studies started more than three decades ago.

When I finished my service in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), I started studying textile and fashion design and soon after my interests broadened to include art studies and teaching. Years later and moving to the US, while finishing my formal education, ceramics became my primary art medium. The Visual Arts Center in Summit was my studio and where I was mentored, spending time both as a student and an active member of the ‘Kiln crew’ for a few years. During these years I also explored other materials including Precious Metal Clay (PMC), which led me to start designing jewelry. Today, I spend most of my time in my home studio, working with clay and designing jewelry. To learn more about me and my artwork, please visit my social media links.

My ceramics and silver jewelry have been exhibited in juried shows, street fairs, open studios and other events.

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