I rediscovered pottery in 2013 after a 40 year hiatus (life/work/family) when I enrolled in classes and became obsessed with clay all over again. I immediately set up my own Brooklyn, NY home studio and very much appreciate being retired and having the time and space now.

Transforming a lump of clay into an individually handcrafted work of 3 dimensional art is extremely satisfying and I’m still amazed sometimes that I am able to do that.  I am primarily a wheel thrower but enjoy hand building as well and I’m always experimenting with new designs and shapes.  When I’m comfortable with a form I’ll make several more but none are exactly the same.

What I enjoy most is altering my pottery in some way by carving, incising or incorporating various other techniques of adding surface texture.  My work is functional and decorative and I’ve tried to show some representation of it here in these photos: carved, crackled, fabric-slipped, Raku, hand built, donut and double-walled. It was very difficult to choose only 6.

I am active on Instagram where one can see my finished work constantly evolving, including works in progress.  My website showcases several of my current available pieces and is frequently updated.


E-mail: prankin167@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/paulspottery

Website: www.prankinpottery.com

Phone: 917-881-0266