It took Phil Falcone 40 years to find his calling as a ceramic artist. During those 40 years he worked as a civil engineer on some of New Jersey’s spectacular projects and helped build one of the larger engineering companies in the northeast.  But an artist’s urge cannot be denied and so after retiring from his first career Phil Falcone pursued his art studies concentrating on ceramics at Kean University and graduating with a Master of Arts in 2009. Since then, his work focuses on functional and decorative pottery and occasionally a whimsical piece that may demonstrate his engineering background. His works tend to have geometric designs. His works have been shown in several gallery art shows. He sells his work at various art and craft shows in the central Jersey area.

Artist’s Statement:
Whenever I enter my studio I am excited by the prospect of taking a lump of clay and creating some piece of art.  My inspirations come from many areas, a walk along the beach, a view from a restaurant table on the water, construction equipment in the building site, a vacation at some old historic place.  I enjoy the creative process of letting my inspirations flow to my fingers and into the clay.  There is always a great thrill of finishing a ceramic piece and putting it in the kiln, then waiting breathlessly until you see if your works have made it through another firing, and the glaze gods have been good to you.