What started as a weekly evening class 10 years ago has now become a full time passion and second career.  I am drawn to the therapeutic and relaxing effect that working in clay provides.  It demands my undivided attention in order to shape and form it and as a result my mind clears, and time seems to stand still whilst I am potting.  What I love is the feel of a finished pot, the warmth and roughness of the bare clay and smoothness of the glaze give me great satisfaction and pride to have made something beautiful yet functional .


As my skills have developed so has my creativity, expressing itself in the surface of the clay, colors and glazing techniques.  I am drawn to making pots with simple lines and forms and like to decorate them with the earthy colors and textures found in nature.  I especially like making teapots and recently expanded my glazing horizons when I discovered the magical effects of reduction glazing in wood fired and soda gas kilns.


Instagram: samowenpottery

email: samowenpottery@gmail.com

call: 973 979 7354