Sandy Pancrazi is a studio potter living in northeastern New Jersey.  She first touched clay during a semester abroad in England in 1973.  After a hiatus for work and children she returned to clay taking various workshops at Peters Valley and classes in Philadelphia and at the Art School at Old Church in New Jersey. She is lucky to have found some great friends to share her passion and pitfalls.

Artist statement:

I love the palate of colors available in mid range stoneware  Those colors combined with the rich earthy color of the clay make an alluring combination.  Painting on the clay gives rise to an infinite number of designs and never gets boring.  I like to think of my pottery being used in the daily rituals of family life and one of my favorite pastimes, eating good food.

Sandy’s pottery is available at

Gallery 23, Bliarstown, NJ

Craft People, West Hurley, NY

or email

Sandy Pancrazi
123 Woodridge Place, Leonia, NJ