Textures and decorative surfaces abound on about everything I create, in both functional and art pottery. I love to experiment with forms, techniques and glazes. My backgrounds in woodworking and decorative painting have married my skills and tools to the most rewarding and challenging medium, that of clay.

As a child I loved to make the plaster pieces at the town recreation center. I was fascinated at how mixing the plaster with water could be poured into a mold, harden and be a paintable item to hold in your hand. It is no wonder I love to create forms from clay now. That something can be made to be an art form or an item of beauty to use which was once just soft clay from the earth is a magic from which I will never tire. I love to feel it, carve it and expand my decorating techniques with it.

After teaching and selling my decorative art for over 30  I am now enjoying the offering of my pottery to help beautify someone's life with Mother Nature being my prolific inspiration.

Thanks for looking...Teresa


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Website: StarbritePottery.etsy.com

Phone: 973-214-8324