Tina Shark

Tina gets immense joy from creating pottery and opening the kiln each time in anticipation of the outcome.

She started at the Yard School of Art, Montclair Art Museum, in 2013, under the tutelage of +Carla Horowitz. From this, Tina’s love bloomed into making functional pottery.  After four years, +Carla lovingly suggested and helped Tina acquire a potter’s wheel and kiln, and she now has a home studio.

Tina’s endeavor to create mugs, bowls, and plates, which include hand building - has turned into a passion.  Tina challenges her pottery skills by fulfilling requests from family and friends, referrals, and social media.   She’s designed a sink for her daughter's new bathroom and a dog bowl for their puppy Belle. She nested bowls for her eldest daughter, snack bowls, and espresso cups for her son, developed a garden angel, salt pigs, and made a multitude of mugs for many occasions.

One would ask why she started the love of this art later in life?  In all her travels, Tina was always fascinated by the craftsmanship at local pottery shops and very often bought a variety of the artisan’s work.

Pottery is a wonderful passion to have and so rewarding when the finished piece is revealed.  Tina looks forward to many more years of throwing, creating, and learning new skill sets.

You can find her pottery at Just Jersey in Morristown, NJ.

Website: sharkstonepottery.com

FB: Tina M Shark

Instagram: Shark_Stone_Pottery

Email: sharkstonepottery@gmail.com