My work is influenced by the quiet beauty of the natural world and expressive movement: organic, lyrical shapes; calm, soothing colors; and free-form brushwork. I enjoy altering wheel-thrown shapes, especially bowls, with pieces of bark or wood and adding found natural materials like twisted wisteria vines and bits of lichen, tree fungus, shells, driftwood or sea glass and other findings.

I learn to understand things through touch and observation. As a young child I was constantly touching everything, feeling how the object responded to my touch. I’d feel its texture, malleability, warmth or coolness, strength or fragility. Even as an adult I still want to touch everything!
Ceramics is the perfect medium for me, allowing me to work tactilely and visually. It’s all-embracing, from the physics of forming the soft clay, to the complex chemistry of glazes, to the transformation to permanency by fire or heat. I love it all!

I studied ceramics at Betsalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem and earned my MFA from Antioch University. I’ve exhibited my work internationally and was awarded a Fellowship by the NJ State Council on the Arts. Please reach out!

Vicki Lederman, Summit, NJ